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Portable Power Supply factory

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Brief item discription
SPAP_300Solar panel: Optional
Battery: Lithium 12V/30AH
Controller: 12V10A
Inverter: 200W, Modified wave
LCD display: DC/AC output voltage /Battery /Charging current
Function: Solar/AC Charge
1.AC 220V/110V, 300W
2.DC 12V/5A*3
3.DC 5V/2A USB*2
Packing list:
1.kit*1 (Battery inside)
2.Solar charging cable (Ф16 mm air connector)
4.Mains charging cable (optional)
Package size: 380*214*285mm

Pictures of the portable ac power supply

You May Also Want To Know
300W/12V/30AH High Capacity and Compact Size Backup Battery: It is build-in A-Class lithium batteries, make it safer to use. Our external battery charger is powerful enough to charge iPhone 7 almost 16 times, iPad Pro almost 3 times, Galaxy S7 almost 10.5 times, Galaxy S7 Edge almost 8.5 times, Google Pixel almost 11.4 times, For New Macbook, please use iMuto USB to Type-C cable, our Battery Pack can charge New Macbook almost 3.4 times.
Super-Functional Design Power Inverter: Our cell phone portable external battery charger come with 6-Port outputs (Max.300W) & 1 fast input DC 12-24V; 3*DC output (12V/5A), 2 USB output (5V/2.4A), 1*QC 3.0 USB output. Widely used for indoor or outdoor such as family, office, travel, camping, fishing, hunting, farm, etc. (PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR SUPPORT TEAM FOR THE DETAILED USER MANUAL IN PDF FORMAT.)

Ways Charging
Easily powered from AC wall Outlet, DC 12V-24V Car cigarette lighter socket or compatible solar panel.It supplies the backup power sources with maximum 300W capacity for indoor and outdoor usage without noises and fumes.

Q: How do I know if my portable ac power supply is charged?
To check the charge level of it, refer to the Battery Display. When lit up, you'll see a battery outline with 5 segments, indicating the current charge level. You can turn on the display by pushing one of the power buttons above each port.
Q: How do I charge my portable power station?
A: You can easily charge your portable power station through wall or solar. Once you have decided on a source, plug the appropriate cables into the INPUT Port on the front of your portable power station. You will know the portable power station is charging when the green LED light next to the INPUT port lights up, and the battery segments in the LCD BATTERY DISPLAY are blinking. The portable power station is fully charged when all battery segments stop blinking and remain solid.Portable Power Supply factory
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