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buy Nutritional Supplementary

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Omega 369 Softgel (Regulating blood lipid, blood clots, clearing, prevent blood clots)
Omega 3-6-9 softgel
1.Ingredient: Fish oil, Flaxseed oil, Borage oil
                     Fish oil, Flaxseed oil, Olive oil
2.Filling weight: 1000mg, 1200mg
ProductIngredientPotencySize & ShapeColorCase Count
Omega 3-6-9Fish Oil 18/12400mg22# OblongClear5M
Borage Oil (GLA 20%)440mg
Flaxseed Oil360mg
Health Function:
1, which is also known as lipoprotein capsules, reduces blood density and reduces blood lipids
2, enhance blood elasticity, promote blood circulation, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
3, nutrition, optic nerve, to prevent poor vision
4, add the brain fatty acids, improve memory, prevent the elderly infertility
Packing: As your request.
Storage Situation: Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container. Keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.
Delivery: Within three weeks after receiving your prepayment.
Service we can provide:
1. Quality control, pre-shipment, free samples for testing. After shipment, save the sample for 3 years
2. To provide professional documents shipped
3. According to your request packaging, before shipment there are photos.buy Nutritional Supplementary
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