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cheap Pump Balancing Machines

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Five Station Alternator Auto- balancing machine
TypeFive-station Alternator auto-balancing machine
configurationCylinder: SMC
Servo motor: Mitsubishi
Sensor: KEYENCE,OMRON,Baumer
Control PLC: KEYENCE KV-3000
Stepping motor: Oriental Motor
Armature DiameterStack height: 30-100mm
Armature diameter: Φ80~115
Balancing speed1500-2200rpm
Milling methodDrilling
Air supply0.4~0.6Mpa
Initial unbalance

Cycle time25-30s
Residual unbalance
eccentricityBetter than the national standard for Grade 6.3
(length x width x height)2200 x 1700 x 1800 mm

Machine working flow:   
As shown in image 1, Machine consist by idle station (station0)、initial test station (station1)、left work bench (station 2)、right work bench (station3) and retest station (station 4) such five station in total. Besides, it is also include five machine hands、transportation line、drilling main shaft and dividing devices.
The procedure of single circle runs as following:
Transportation line take generator armature to idle station (station 0);
Machine hands transport it from idle to initial test station (station 1) to measuring original unbalance mass, positioning the right place and depth before process.
Machine hands move armature to next station (station 2) in order to process imbalance amount of ring end.
Machine hands move generator armature to next station (station 3) in order to process imbalance amount of shaft end. Before that, machine hand will turn 180 degrees of armature to lead shaft end out towards.
Machine hands move product to retest station (station 4), measuring the permissible residual unbalance. Before that, machine hand will turn 180 degrees of armature to lead shaft end inner towards.
Machine hands move product back to original station (station 0), while the armature is qualified after test, machine will pick up next one from idle station to start another round processing, good one will come back to transportation line. If the result is not within permissible residual unbalance, system control the machine come back to the first stage and restart a copy. There are five stations in this machine, so it is possible to process five pieces in the mean while.

Pic 1.Draft of five station generator automatic balance machine
Production Cycle time:
The way of process is radial drilling method, use F6~ 8 driller; the cycle time 25 to 30 seconds per unit in condition of initial unbalance amount within 300gmm.
Major Components:

(a) Front view(b) Test station

(c) Process station Machine hands

Jizhi Mechatronic, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various balancing machinery, now brings you automatic dynamotor balancing machines use for auto parts and pump balancing machines at cheap price. As one of the world famous brands, we warmly welcome you to purchase our quality machines with good balancing performance.cheap Pump Balancing Machines
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